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CNM Talk (hereinafter, the Service) is (a) the CNM named app that allows for webconferencing, (b) the instance of CNM Jitsi that is installed on CNM Bureau Farm, and (c) the webconferencing system that CNMCyber Team delivers as a CNMCyber service -- powered by CNM Jitsi.



As an end-user application, the Service is currently installed on CNM Bureau Farm that features high availability (or HA) powered by CNM Proxmox. Its HA allows for migrating of the Service between several computing servers in cases of emergency. For instance, if the bare-metal server that hosts the Service at the moment fails, HA shall automatically move the Service to another server without any interruption. In plain English, the videoconference participants will not notice any change in the Service when the Service's computer fails.

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