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Recruitment is the process of filling employment vacancies with workers.


According to Management by Robbins and Coulter (14th edition),

Recruitment. Locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants.

According to the ASME EMBOK,

Recruitment. The process of locating new team members whose knowledge, skills and abilities fit the needs of the team.

According to the HRBoK Guide,

Recruitment. Process of identifying and hiring qualified people. Process of attracting, screening, and hiring qualified people for a job.

What recruiters do

  • Understand required profiles Ask which tools will I use for hiring, and access Post the job positions Start selections and interviews
  • Identify your expectations then get to work, sourcing, recruiting, screening, providing any administrative support you need.
  • Understand the need (job description) - Sourcing candidates - Screening candidates (mail/phone/skype) - Short list of the best candidates for each positions Advise the HR about the difficults of the process (if necessary) in order to make changes.
  • Assess the contractors and their ability to function based on company requirements.
  • The first thing that I should do is to know more about the companies background along with the complete overview of the position that I have filled in. From that start, I can sort out what are the things that I should do first or what are the priorities and what are the proposed next action. Organization would be my first step in order to attain a successful end.
  • Collaborate a list of contractors. Make proposing calls.
  • I will use my initial days in understanding my role in terms of the contribution to the business and increasing the overall profitability.

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