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Wikipage content requirements

Problem: Although many CNM wikipages are published, their policies and guidelines are still to be defined. Particularly, these rules shall address categories and references to related lectures and other need reflected at CNM Wiki. Wikipedia: Policies and guidelines could be taken as a starting point, but any rule shall be accompanied by a clear explanation why it is useful for CNM wikipages.
Sought solution: The solution shall represent well-organized texts and, possibly, graphics published on CNM wikipage or linked wikipages. During acceptance tests, the Customer shall be able to:
  1. Track whether the developed policies and guidelines reflect all the business requirements published on CNM Wiki;
  2. Track whether the reasoning of including or not including particular policies and guidelines of Wikipedia: Policies and guidelines is published on the connected Talk page or pages;
  3. Using the developed policies and guidelines, create, delete, or edit one or two CNM wikipages in various categories.
If any divergence is found, the test is considered being failed. If so, the contractor shall be financially liable for any additional test.