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A CNM Cloud Operator (hereinafter, the Op) is an incumbent of the scholar-tier CNMCyber practice (hereinafter, the Practice) that The Economic Group has developed to practically introduce CNMCyber patrons to Opplet operations. The Ops generally practice in operating Opplet including its monitoring, analysis, and reporting on states of its components and their development.

The Practice belongs to the third quarter of CNMCyber Bootcamps (hereinafter, the Bootcamp). This quarter's lessons are called Cloud Operator Bootcamp; they are designed to prepare the Ops to that Practice. The Practice is offered to those KSA Certified Website Developers who successfully pass CNM Cloud Exam at the end of Bootcamp's third quarter. Successful completion of CNM cloud operating practice qualifies the Residents for CNMCyber Coordinator's position.


  • Web Administrators, Database Administrators, Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Testers
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Operations Research Analysts


For the purposes of this very wikipage, components refer to website projects, which are website development endeavors that are undertaken to create new products or new features of existing products. Projects are temporary endeavors; they close when CNMCyber Team receive all of the required deliverables and Careerprise contractors are compensated according to the contract. While working on projects, the Devs are engaged in the What Devs do activities.

Authorized components

Those Components that are authorized to practice with are listed on the CNMCyber Usable wikipage.