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Opplet (historically known as CNM Cloud, in Russian: Оплёт) is the information technology that powers CNMCyber. Opplet.net is the middleware that enables Opplet.


Core interfaces

User interface

Main wikipage: Opplet.net
Opplet.net is the Software's user interface (UI) that is supported by CNM Cloud.

Application interface

An OpenLDAP instance is used as the core application interface.

Special plug-ins

Several software plug-ins have been written specifically for the Software.

Moodle-to-Opplet (Moodle side)

A software plug-in is written specifically for Educaship Moodle to transfer course completion data from Educaship Moodle to the Software.

Moodle-to-Opplet (Opplet side)

A software plug-in is written specifically for the Software to process data taken from Educaship Moodle and add to or delete from a group in the Software and, consequently, its OpenLDAP instance.

Opplet-to-Wikiware (Opplet side)

A software plug-in is written specifically for the OpenLDAP instance to connect it to those versions of MediaWiki starting with version 1.27 that are used in Educaship MediaWiki.

Opplet-to-Wikiware (wikiware API side)

A software plug-in is written specifically for the Software to transfer data to API of Educaship MediaWiki to change user rights.

Wikiware API

A software plug-in is written specifically for Educaship MediaWiki to provide it with API that will allow the Software changing user rights in Educaship MediaWiki such as add to a group, remove from the group, etc.

OpenStack (future extension)

The Software shall be integrated with the native OpenStack Keystone authorization system of OpenStack using the output on the LDAP protocol.

Keystone is an OpenStack's Identity API. It supports LDAP, OAuth, OpenID Connect, SAML and SQL. ... [Keystone] does not actually implement any user-management functions; rather, it provides plug-in interfaces so that organizations can leverage their current authentication services.


Support for workforce

The Cloud is designed to support people who:
  1. Haven't identified their vocations and/or profession yet. For these people, the Cloud can be helpful as a tool for organizing review seminars, practices and studies for them;
  2. Have identified their vocation and profession, but lack of employable credentials. For these people, the Cloud can be helpful as a tool for training, on-the-job training or certification of skills;
  3. Have identified their vocation and profession, as well as possessed all employable credentials, and are looking for a specific job. For these people, the Cloud can be helpful as a tool for job search skills building, market information, contacts, and marketing channels.

Secondary objectives

In addition, the Cloud can be useful:
  • Those graduates who decide to organize or promote their own enterprises,
  • Those enterprises that source, selects, hires, onboards, and/or develops their workforce using the Cloud.

Services (CNMCyber) and apps

The Cloud currently hosts services, which are collectively known as CNMCyber, every of which is supported by one CNM app.

Ready-to-be-used services

CNM Cloud (in use as of October of 2019)
# CNM app Description Base Purpose Service Link
1 Educaship HumHub Social networking system HumHub Enabling social network CNMCyber.com social.
2 Educaship MediaWiki Wiki engine (currently) MediaWiki Using a document collaboration system to enable open-to-the-public development Wiki wiki.
3 Educaship WordPress CMS WordPress Using multiple content management systems to present Friends Of CNM in the World Wide Web (WWW) through websites Page page.
4 Educaship Moodle E-learning software, exam engine Moodle Using both learning management system (LMS) and question bank system to enable personal certifications Cert cert.
5 Educaship GitLab Collaborative development engine Redmine, Apache Subversion (SVN), repository Combining a project management system, version control system, and file storage to enable private development Lab lab.
6 Mailware Email engine Roundcube, Postfix, Dovecot Enabling emails Mail mail.
7 Tubeware Video-sharing software YouPHPTube Sharing videos Tube tube.
8 Linkupware Customer relationship management software SuiteCRM Customer relationship management Linkup linkup.
9 Educaship Odoo Enterprise resource planning software Odoo Enterprise resource planning CNM Corp corp.
10 Middleware Middleware Opplet.net Hosting of CNMCyber, enabling identity and access management Cabin cabin.

Projected services

CNM Cloud (projected as of March of 2019)
# Software Core Purpose Service Status
10 Jitsi Webconferencing software Webconferencing system Talks Projected

|Labware||Studio for Careerprise contractors to document their developments and store developed files |Educaship Moodle||E-learning software to accommodate learning processes |Linkupware||Customer relationship management software to empower customer relationship management |Tubeware||Video-sharing software to provide its users with access to videos of Friends Of CNM |Educaship MediaWiki||Knowledge management software to develop corporate knowledge collaboratively and access the results |Mailware||Email software to manage emails |Educaship WordPress||Content management software to empower CNM Page |Educaship Odoo||A combination of enterprise resource planning software, customer relationship management software, and help-desk software to enable enterprise operations, empower customer relationship management and business intelligence

|Educaship Jitsi||Webconferencing software to organize digital meetings !Talks |(possibly), Jitsi and/or BigBlueButton


Target foundation

The target platform shall enable operations of CNM apps and be a combination of:
  1. CNM Farms, which is the cloud infrastructure or, in other words, ecosystem of computing servers and cloud OS to support both Opplet and CNM apps of the Cloud; and
  2. Opplet, which is enterprise-wide utility software that supports CNM apps, which are end-user applications of the Cloud, regardless of location of those applications for end-users in the Cloud.
CNM software Description Service Base(s)
Foundation Farms Laboratory cloud to support development for Production Cloud Dev Cloud OpenStack
Primary cloud to run business operations Production Cloud
Additional cloud to backup Production Cloud Control Cloud
(if decided) Computing server to support webconferencing Talk Server (possibly) BigBlueButton and/or Jitsi
(if decided) Computing server to store source codes, backups, images, and files Storage Server Undecided
Opplet User management software that manages authorization of users and their access to CNM apps Opplet.net Written specifically for the Cloud using the Yii framework
Calendaring software that manages calendars of events and event management software that discovers and analyzes event information, as well as designs and implements reports and calendar updates Calendar

Existing servers

Main wikipage: CNM Farms

Training facilities

pre-configured VM



Main wikipage: CNMCyber Usable

The Cloud development occurs under the CNM Cloud Project. Although this development is independent, the cloud itself is conceived as an addition to other commercial enterprises and public initiatives for which this Cloud can be useful.


Main wikipage: CNM Cloud requirements

See also


  • Adobe Captivate, Instructure Canvas
  • Vaughn is not the most advanced in computer-based systems
  • Budget
  • Recruitment
  • CNM Cloud is a long project -- it will take at least one year to launch


Invalid certificate chain

The site https://opplet.net/ contains a chain of certificates, at its end there is an invalid DST Root CA X3 certificate. We want to remove this certificate completely from the chain. Cert.png

Opplet as a product


Opplet: Countless Professional Opportunities!

If "opp" in "opplet" stands for "opportunities," then "opplet" could potentially be interpreted as a condensed or informal way of referring to "opportunities" or "a collection of opportunities." It might be used in contexts where brevity or informality is preferred, such as in casual conversation or informal writing. For example:

"I've been exploring all the opptunities in the market." "Let's seize the opptlet available to us."

However, it's important to note that without further context or usage examples, it's difficult to precisely determine the intended meaning or usage of the word "opplet."


Certainly! Here's a draft description of products that could be offered under the "Opplet" brand:

1. **Opplet Career Navigator:** A comprehensive career exploration and planning tool that utilizes advanced algorithms to match individuals with personalized career paths based on their skills, interests, and goals. From identifying suitable industries to suggesting relevant job opportunities, Opplet Career Navigator empowers users to make informed decisions about their professional future.

2. **Opplet Resume Builder:** A user-friendly platform designed to help individuals create professional resumes tailored to specific job opportunities. With customizable templates, keyword optimization, and real-time feedback, Opplet Resume Builder ensures that resumes stand out to employers and effectively showcase candidates' qualifications and experiences.

3. **Opplet Skill Enhancement Courses:** A curated selection of online courses and training programs aimed at enhancing essential job skills and staying competitive in today's dynamic workforce. From technical skills like programming and data analysis to soft skills such as communication and leadership, Opplet Skill Enhancement Courses offer opportunities for continuous learning and professional development.

4. **Opplet Job Marketplace:** A centralized platform connecting job seekers with a wide range of employment opportunities from leading companies and organizations. With advanced search filters, personalized job recommendations, and seamless application processes, Opplet Job Marketplace streamlines the job search experience and helps individuals find their ideal career opportunities quickly and efficiently.

5. **Opplet Career Coaching Services:** Professional career coaching services provided by experienced coaches to support individuals at every stage of their career journey. From career exploration and goal setting to interview preparation and negotiation strategies, Opplet Career Coaching Services offer personalized guidance and support to help individuals achieve their career aspirations and navigate career transitions effectively.

6. **Opplet Networking Events:** Exclusive networking events and career fairs organized by Opplet to facilitate connections between job seekers, industry professionals, and recruiters. Through in-person and virtual networking opportunities, Opplet Networking Events enable individuals to expand their professional network, explore new career opportunities, and exchange valuable insights and resources within their industry.

Overall, Opplet products are designed to empower individuals with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate their career paths successfully, seize opportunities, and achieve their professional goals.

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