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CNM Lab (previously known as CNM Repo and CNM Labs; hereinafter, the Lab) is (a) the CNM named app that allows for secure storage, versioning, and development of digital assets such as images, videos, documents, and software products, (b) the instance of Educaship GitLab that is installed on CNM Bureau Farm, and (c) the combination of private project management system, document collaboration system, version control system, and software repository that CNMCyber Team delivers as a CNMCyber service.


The Lab are designed to accommodate several purposes:

Category Corporate services (Opplet) Personal services (CNM patrons' uses)
Digital asset development The primary purpose of the Lab is to accommodate the private development of Opplet, which is the technology behind CNMCyber. This technology is divided in several parts and development of each part occurs under a separate contract. The contracts are commonly awarded to external vendors. The Lab grants each part a separate "space". When its development contract is awarded, its vendor gets access to this "space", which includes tasks, reports, documents, and file hosting. The CNM patrons may possibly use the Lab in order to develop their own assets, but this function needs to be better defined.
Digital asset depository All source codes, images, video files

Target audiences

User permissions

With regard to Opplet roles:
  • Any NetAnyone shall be able to engage with the Services while accessing the engagement page.
  • Any CertUser shall be able to work on those projects that they are authorized to access using one's personal interface.


The Lab is powered by Educaship GitLab, which is software created by the Friends Of CNM with the exception of the currently-outsourced facility to store containers and source codes.


Category Projects Core IP address
Farms CNM Lab Farm Ubuntu
HandsOn Farm Ubuntu TBD
Applications CertNext Moodle
LabNext Redmine, SVN
LinkupNext SuiteCRM
MailNext Roundcube
PageNext WordPress
VentureNext Odoo
VideoNext YouPHPTube
WikiNext Mediawiki

The Lab is where all audio visuals, graphics for CNM Website Developer will be stored.


What is the difference between the Lab and Opplet?
The Lab stores what used to build the Cnmcyber webSite while Opplet stores content from CNM Wiki to the entire CNMCyber.

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