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Friends Of CNM's trade mark

Friends Of CNM (also known by its acronym FOCNM or FoCNM; hereinafter, FoCNM) is a non-government non-political non-religious group of legal entities, every of which is called a CNM friend, that support the Career Network Ministry (also known by its acronym CNM) and its patrons.

Organizational recitals

FoCNM themselves are not a legal entity; however, Educaship Alliance LLC, which is one of CNM friends, acts as the commercial arm of FoCNM. Currently, developments of FoCNM occur under CNM Cloud Project and WorldOpp Project.


FoCNM's purposes are to:
  1. Discover, analyze, and design new services related to education, workforce development, and recruitment;
  2. Enhance existing services of CNM; as well as
  3. Launch and support those services that are not currently offered by the CNM to its patrons (hereinafter, the Patrons); most importantly, these services utilize Opplet.

Participating members

  1. Educaship Alliance LLC.
  2. Bracka School.
  3. Belarusian Community Center.
  4. The Economic Group.


Main wikipage: Careerprise service

Career services

Main wikipage: Careerprise
Careerprise is the one-stop hub for career services that is brought to the general public by FoCNM. Using Opplet, FoCNM intends to connect the Patrons to those career service providers, that services fit the Patrons' needs. Some of the services, such as online career administration education, shall be offered at no cost to the Patrons.
In addition, Educaship Alliance LLC, which is one of CNM friends, is hiring Educaship fellows on a permanent basis.

Entrepreneurial fellowship

Main wikipage: WorldOpp
WorldOpp is the programme to support entrepreneurs worldwide commercially through WorldOpp Financing and create jobs for the vulnerable through WorldOpp Fellowship, that is brought to the general public by FoCNM. The programme provides its fellows with (a) entrepreneurship education through Bracka Leadership Academy and (b) funding for startup businesses. The official website of the programme is

Dual education

Main wikipage: Educaship
Educaship is the program that combines liberal education, career administration, and apprenticeship, and is brought to the general public by FoCNM. The length of the program is four or more years. Its graduates receive professional experience and other employable credentials. The costs associated with the program are similar to college tuition costs.


FoCNM are divided in three departments: (a) Community Board, (b) Staff, and (c) WorldOpp incubator.


Main wikipage: WorldOpp Fellow Staff

Honorary members


Public portals

Main wikipages:
The FoCNM' public portal is


Main wikipage: Friends Of CNM newsletter

2019 Friends Of CNM presentation

The video of the presentation is published on (7:12). Here is its full text.

Friends Of CNM's trade mark
Friends Of CNM. A non-government non-political non-religious group of legal entities, every of which is called a CNM friend, that provides the Career Network Ministry (CNM) with CNMCyber at no cost to the CNM and, furthermore, provides patrons of the CNM with those services that the CNM does not offer. Every CNM friend joins into or separates from the group on a declarative basis. Friends Of CNM's structure is organic. Its distinct areas are:
  1. CNMCyber Workforce. Every team member, either an Educaship fellow or candidate, of adult age is usually a CNM friend;
  2. Outsourced service providers, contractors and Educaship partners. They are not required, but tend to be CNM friends; and
  3. CNMCyber communities. Any friend can create a new community or apply for joining any existing community, but every community may establish its own policies including rules for joining and separating.
The Friends Of CNM is not a legal entity itself; nevertheless, Educaship Alliance LLC plays a role of its commercial arm.
Career Network Ministry (CNM). The outreach team of McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia, which goal is to provide caring support to individuals during career transitions. The team welcomes any patron from any faith, or no faith, to take full advantage of its services, which include interviewing skills building, resume writing, elevator pitch, job marketing, financial planning, and various types of networking. All services of CNM are delivered by volunteers and are free to all the recipients of these services.


Welcome to Friends Of CNM Essentials. In this brief presentation, we are going to define the Friends Of CNM, take a closer look at two most significant, at least for now, friends. Then, we will move to the Career Network Ministry, or CNM, and CNMCyber Team department. Let's get started.

What Friends Of CNM is

What is the Friends Of CNM? This is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious group of legal entities. If you are not familiar with what a legal entity is, let's click on legal entities and we can see that a legal entity is any entity to which the law grants property rights and responsibilities. There are two main categories, these are individuals of adult age and organizations.
Getting back to Friends Of CNM, every of those individuals and organizations that are in this group is called a CNM friend. And all of them have come together to achieve one or more objectives of the Friends Of CNM.

Objectives of the Friends

There are three objectives for this group. First of all, it provides the CNM with CNMCyber at no cost. Secondly, this group creates a platform for career-oriented networking through its communities. Thirdly, the Friends Of CNM provides patrons of the CNM with those services that the CNM does not offer.

Joining the Friends

Every friend joins the group or separates from the group on a declarative basis. For any legal entity, no approval is needed. Nevertheless, graduation from EmployableU Concepts is required. And you are here.


The structure of Friends Of CNM is organic. There are two reasons for that. One is to encourage fast movement of ideas between various parts. The second is to support independence of the communities.
There are no strict boundaries, but there are three distinct areas. Let's click on the image to take a closer look at those.
In brown, on the left, we can see the communities. A separate presentation, CNMCyber Communities, can provide you with better details.
In the middle of the image, we can see WorldOpp Fellow Staff, that consists of employees and paid interns.
On the right, in blue color, there are providers of outsourced services, who are contractors and or Educaship partners. Another presentation, CNMC Workforce Essentials, is dedicated to both the Workforce, its Educaship partners and contractors.

Educaship Alliance LLC

Educaship's trade mark
Educaship Alliance LLC is one of the friends. It also is the key partner.
What is Educaship Alliance LLC? Educaship is a combination of education or ee-dee-u, career or see-a, and apprenticeship or ess-aitch-ai-pee. LLC stands for limited liability company. This company is headquartered in Northern Virginia.
The Friends Of CNM is not a legal entity itself, but Educaship Alliance LLC plays the role of its commercial arm. This means that the Educaship fellows of WorldOpp Fellow Staff are full time employees of Educaship Alliance LLC despite the fact that they actually work for the Friends Of CNM.
Because the Friends Of CNM is not a legal entity, this group can neither deliver services nor be responsible for them. Legally, Educaship Alliance LLC delivers services on behalf of the Friends Of CNM.

Bracka School

Bracka School's trade mark
Another friend that we have to mention is Bracka School. This is a community-driven education initiative originated at the end of sixteenth century in Eastern Europe. One of its features today is that its students are welcome to contribute their endeavors instead of paying tuition or other fees.

What CNM is

Then, what is the CNM? CNM is the acronym for Career Network Ministry. This is the outreach team of the McLean Bible Church whose goal is to provide caring support to individuals during career transitions.
The Career Network Ministry or CNM welcomes any patron from any faith or no faith at all to take full advantage of the CNM services which include interview skills, résumés, LinkedIn, job marketing, financial planning workshops and one-on-one assistance, as well as various types of networking. All of its services are delivered by volunteers and are free of charge to its patrons.

CNM vs Friends Of CNM

On the contrary to the CNM, the Friends Of CNM is not a part of the church and it's not religious itself. This is one of the differences. The other two differences to be noted are as follows. First, the Friends Of CNM employs its staff members; they are not volunteers. Second, Friends Of CNM may charge for some of its services especially for those that are brought by the Educaship partners.


In the nutshell, all the services have some costs associated with them. Some of them are covered by single Friends Of CNM. When you land your next job, you will also be welcome to contribute to the CNM whatever you choose and if you choose. No one expects that you will help and never push you to do that. Educaship Alliance LLC is the biggest donor for now.
However, costs of some services are not covered. For further details, you are welcome to explore the Careerprise Essentials presentation.

CNMCyber Team

If we need to identify one single department of the Career Network Ministry that is the closest to the Friends Of CNM, this would be CNMCyber Team. This department provides the Friends Of CNM with requirements for CNMCyber.


This concludes the Friends Of CNM Essentials presentation. We have taken a look at the Friends Of CNM, Educaship Alliance LLC, Bracka School, the Career Network Ministry, also known by its acronym, CNM, and its CNMCyber Team department. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to CNM Social Communities.

Friends Of CNM as a product

"Friends of CNM" can offer a range of services to support the carrier services provided by CNM. Here are some suggestions:

1. **Promotion and Advocacy**: Actively promote CNM's carrier services through various channels such as social media, community events, and networking opportunities. Advocate for the benefits of CNM's services to potential customers and stakeholders.

2. **Customer Support**: Provide assistance to CNM's customers by answering queries, troubleshooting issues, and offering guidance on how to best utilize the carrier services.

3. **Feedback Collection**: Gather feedback from CNM's customers regarding their experiences with the carrier services. This feedback can be invaluable for CNM to improve and enhance their offerings.

4. **Community Engagement**: Organize community events, workshops, or seminars to educate people about CNM's carrier services and how they can benefit from them. Foster a sense of community among users of CNM's services.

5. **Partnership Development**: Identify potential partnerships or collaborations that could enhance CNM's carrier services or expand their reach to new markets or demographics.

6. **Fundraising and Financial Support**: Raise funds or solicit donations to support CNM's initiatives, infrastructure development, or expansion plans.

7. **Advocacy for Infrastructure Development**: Advocate for the development of necessary infrastructure to support CNM's carrier services, such as improved network coverage, technological advancements, or regulatory support.

8. **Training and Skill Development**: Offer training programs or workshops to empower individuals or businesses to make the most of CNM's carrier services. This could include technical training, business development support, or digital literacy programs.

9. **Research and Development**: Conduct research to identify emerging trends, customer needs, or technological advancements relevant to CNM's carrier services. This information can help CNM stay ahead of the curve and innovate in their offerings.

10. **Policy Advocacy**: Advocate for policies that support the growth and sustainability of CNM's carrier services, such as advocating for net neutrality, privacy regulations, or fair competition policies.

By offering these services, "Friends of CNM" can play a crucial role in supporting and promoting the carrier services provided by CNM, ultimately contributing to their success and impact within the community.

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