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Careerprise's trade mark

Careerprise (hereinafter, the Services) is a one-stop shop for career services that Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Group) brings to patrons of the Career Network Ministry and the general public.

The Group offers its own services called Careerprise services, as well as services of Educaship partners whose services the Group sources, screens, selects, and controls.


The idea is to launch an entity, which would source, onboard, and sell various career services such as career administration, education, etc.


One Stop -- Let Us Find Your Best Earning Opportunity.

General pitch

Hi [Group Member],

Things are changing and I'd like to share a quick tip with you that our alumni are finding crucial for success. There are SO many choices with career service carriers (and many are bad)!

So We Vetted 70+ Career Service Carriers in Our Region

You can now get the best carrier, with the best offers, and the best track record for your situation. We've already vetted the top 70. From that point we can help you narrow down further based on your business.

Group Purchasing Power Means LOW COST

Our group buying power allows for competitive pricing when compared to going carrier-direct. One partner in our network achieved 5 times the value for the same pricing offered by their previous carrier.

But Strategy is the Glue. And We Already Know Your Situation From the Inside

Most carriers or cable companies want to sell you their solution and some will sell you promises they can't keep... costing you money and time, up front, for the next years.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a seasoned team who helps to create your strategy, choose from the 70 best vendors, and manage the implementation? We'll also handle your escalations if there are any problems.

You Get a Free Strategic Data and Analysis

Call us today and we'll give you a custom Strategic Network Analysis. You'll want to make sure your multiple locations, resource-hungry applications, and IT infrastructure all run quickly and securely. Call or email us to set-up a 1 hour analysis. My team and I will help you begin to budget and plan your network services blueprint for the next 3-5 years.

Reach us at 703... or

Even if you don't work with us, make sure you plan your IT strategy around your contract expiration date. We're finding it to be more and more important for IT departments.

Sincerely, Gary Jay & Your CNM Council for Career Services Team

P.S. [Group Member], if you feel like I've wasted your time on this strategy call, I'll personally write you a check for $100. I guarantee it will be the most useful call you've had in weeks. Call us at 703... or reply to this email.

Financing pitch

It's time to learn your financing options for Careerprise services

One constraint that is often overlooked until it's too late is the amount of budget allocated for career solutions. Good news -- flexible financing can be a powerful way to acquire, migrate, build, and scale Careerprise solutions -- while lowering up-front costs, improving cash flow, and boosting return on investment.

Join this webinar on [date] at [time] to learn how Friends Of CNM offer financing options for Careerprise services such as interest rates as low as 0 percent, payment deferrals for up to 90 days, customized payment plans, asset buy-backs, comprehensive project financing, and grants. In the webinar we will cover:

  • How financing can help you manage budgets, conserve cash, reduce uncertainty and achieve financial goals
  • What options for financing are available to you
  • How to get more information to start benefitting from financing your Careerprise solutions


The Services shall be divided in two groups: in-house Careerprise services offered directly by the Group and outsourced services offered by Educaship partners.

In-house products

Main wikipage: Careerprise service

Partner products

Main wikipage: Educaship partner

Development strategy

The Group plans to develop the needed technology under CNM Cloud Project and marketing channels under WorldOpp Project. These two projects shall allow recruiting administrators needed to start running the Services.


  1. Create a good contract with vendors -- PMP providers, career coaches, universities, and so on.
  2. Create a good commercial proposal to possible vendors, stressing out the non-profit nature of the endeavor and our significant work in preparation, mentoring, and so on, and stressing our interest in their discounts.
  3. Create the list of desired vendors -- with regard to PMP, Dr. Ali and shall be there.
  4. Start slowly distributing our offer, while trying with those with whom we already landed mutual understanding of benefits of collaboration.
  5. Create the website at -- Mercedes would suggest what should be on the websites and Gary implements. Both of them will have admin accesses. The website will also be linked to a bigger platform, which will be used for training, demonstrations, and skill-based volunteering. Later, the platform will include (a) video-hosting, (b) email, (c) videoconferencing. Currently, it includes:
  6. Post vendors' offers in the store.
  7. Re-develop our offer and distribute it to a larger number of potential vendors.
  8. Launch quick overviews of the hottest items on our list -- online + onsite.
  9. Launch regular meetings (you online + me onsite) like "Getting started with Friends Of CNM". Our pitch will be a match between people's needs and vendors' services plus a bulk of free services such as online training, career coaching, mentorship, and, most of all, in-take.
  10. Help people and contribute to a better world.

Current projects

Its development occurred under two projects -- CNM Cloud Project and WorldOpp Project.

2019 Careerprise presentation

The video of the presentation is published on (4:00). Here is its full text.

Careerprise. A one-stop shop for career services that Friends Of CNM brings to patrons of the Career Network Ministry and the general public. The services of Friends Of CNM are called Careerprise services. They include (a) in-house WorldOpp Pipeline and (b) outsourced services of Educaship partners that Friends Of CNM sources, screens, selects, and controls.
Careerprise service. Any service that is designed for job seekers or the workforce and delivered either by Friends Of CNM or by Educaship partners using marketing channels of Friends Of CNM.


Welcome to Careerprise Essentials. In this brief presentation, we are going to take a look at Careerprise services in general and its signature products. WorldOpp is presented separately in the Services presentation. So, let's proceed without that for now.

What Careerprise is

Careerprice itself is a one stop shop for career services that Friends of CNM brings to patrons of the Career Network Ministry and the general public. The services of Friends of CNM are called Career Price services. They include the in-house WorldOpp Pipeline and out sourced services of Careerprice partners that Friends of CNM screens, selects and controls.
Definition of a career, it is a professional undertaking for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for programs and enterprise is any undertaking to create something or develop somebody which takes some level of enterprise effort. As we discussed earlier, Careerprice service is any service designed for job seekers or workforce and delivered either by Friends of CNM or by Career Price partners using marketing channels of Friends of CNM. Here, two services are particularly mentioned. Educaship and Bracka leadership academy.


Educaship, it consists of three words E D U- stands for Education, C A- stands for Career and SHIP- is for Apprenticeship. And so, Educaship is a blend of learning and work which is designed to prepare knowledgeable, skill capable and employable workforce.

Bracka school

Bracka leadership academy is the department of Bracka school that designs and develop courses and learning activities and value added administration.

In-house vs outsourced services

Taking a look at the graph under Careerprice Services, we have communities, we have fellow staff which actually its employees of Educaship Alliance LLC and we have vendors. For outside service providers, vendors, their services should be approved or controlled by Friends of CNM in order to be delivered. Also I want to take a look at another graph which will represent the difference, so in house services are called WorldOpp and they include WorldOpp Prime and WorldOpp for the Vulnerable which the Services presentation covers.
For now, everything for WorldOpp is offered in-house but for Careerprice, partner services are available, partner services are not available for WorldOpp participants. When we mention Educaship and Bracka Leadership Academy it means not only services but they are a part of WorldOpp but some services are outside of them.


This concludes the Careerprise Essentials presentation. We have defined Careerprise and taken a look at its signature services such as Educaship and Septem Artes Administrativi. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to the Services presentation.

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