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WorldOpp's trade mark

WorldOpp (hereinafter, the Programme; previously known as World Opportunity and World Opp) is the economic development programme that features workforce development, employment, and entrepreneurship support delivered by the Friends Of CNM worldwide. The programme provides its participants with:

  1. Economic fellowship for learners of all ages mostly through our Bracka Leadership Academy; and
  2. Employment and/or startup funding for those graduates who are able to start their enterprises through two programs, WorldOpp Fellowship and WorldOpp Financing.

The programme's official website is



The vision is to launch an entity or a group of entities, which would:
  1. Source unemployed candidates with high potentials in the management of informational technology area,
  2. Build their knowledge, skills, and abilities in this area, and
  3. Place the best graduates with his clients, while being paid by employers and/or donors.

Target audiences

Those who are willing to go to a college to earn a 4-year or higher degree are proven to be the best target audience.


  • Helping anyone to get employed.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to hire.
  • Helping anyone for whom to find income is a significant challenge.



Service Description Motto
Leadership Academy Educational stipends and entrepreneurial fellowship based on Educaship Fellowship All future leaders need
Financing Startup investments Economic independence for all
Fellowship Grants for informational technology and startup funding available for vulnerable communities worldwide Jobs for the vulnerable

Milestone map

From 21 expected milestones, zero are currently met. The drafts are:
Milestones Academy Financing Fellowship
Identified needs Bracka Leadership Academy WorldOpp Financing Educaship Fellowship
Collected requirements      
UX design      
Content (texts, graphics, videos) WorldOpp Orientation, EmployableU Concepts, CNMCyber Bootcamps, Educaship Fellowship
Systems engineering      
Technology implementations
Pilot usage      

Geographic designations

Main wikipage: WorldOpp designation


Admissions are open. The promising learners are sourced through:

Workforce serving

Talking about qualifications for our graduates, they are stated at this page -- Information Technology Project Manager.


  • Two main paying clients for now are a venture capital group and one angel investor;
  • One more client is a foundation that is willing to finance enterprises of the vulnerable. This client will support the graduates only. This donor will not pay Gary for graduates, but the offer generally can add value to the whole Programme. Its special project for representatives of vulnerable communities will be advertised as Educaship Fellowship.

Serving process

  1. The applicants are supposed to click on some Get employed button;
  2. Those who clicked shall be enrolled into EmployableU Concepts course without any personal information such as name or email address submitted;
  3. Graduates from EmployableU Concepts shall be able to enroll into CNMCyber Bootcamps;
  4. Graduates from CNMCyber Bootcamps are the WorldOpp Fellow Candidates.

Work experience

The fellows are welcome to work on the Project in order to get real business experience. Particularly:
  1. One of the program's websites,, has already been ordered. It needs its project manager.
  2. The candidates shall go through quick project management training called CNM Project Management Matriculation. This training can also be offered to the general public at no cost to its participants.
Every fellow shall have one or more mentors.

Web presence

Main wikipage:

The requirements for the official website of the Programme are published on


Worldopp td.png
Friends of CNM aims to provide any services not provided by the Service. Friends of CNM are the Educaship Alliance and Worldopp.
Worldopp is the Friends of Career Network Ministry, a team that started as a technical skills training team in 2012. Later the team gradually moved to a network that includes legal entities called Corporate Friends, professionals called Expert Friends, and donors called Funding Friends. The purpose of this network is to support and improve the services of the Career Network Ministry.
More information: Worldopp website ( - open in new window).



What is the difference between your contractor, partner, and employee?
Indeed, the roles are different, but please be aware that one person can play more than one role. Any Educaship fellow can switch his or her roles at any time, so there is no need to choose the role in advance.
RolesCareerprise contractorEducaship partnerEmployment candidate or employee at WorldOpp
DefinitionsAnyone who sells its market exchangeables to Friends Of CNMAnyone who does business with Friends Of CNM, while sharing possible risks and benefits
ExamplesInternet cloud providers, financial banks, external consultants, etc.Training providers, educational institutions, etc.
CompensationsAmounts and schedules of payments are determined by contracts, which arrive from Careerprise bizoppAmounts and schedules of payments are subject to separate agreements and contingent on sales of joint services to third parties
  • Employee compensations start from US$500 a month
  • A limited number of employment candidates shall be paid WorldOpp stipends
LengthsWhile being dependent on separate contracts, vary greatly
  • Unlimited for the employees.
  • Shall last for no more than 9 months for full-time employment candidates; usually, they get employment offers earlier.
Where are you located?
Friends Of CNM is a virtual organization, which would like to team up with various local organizations around the world. Legally, Friends Of CNM is an assumed name of Educaship Alliance LLC, which is headquartered in Northern Virginia, the United States.


How much does it cost to join?
Friends Of CNM does not charge any Educaship fellow for anything. You may be responsible for costs of your smartphone or other device and/or Internet access.
How much will I earn?
Those graduates who are authorized to work in the United States usually earn more than US$5,000 a month. Those graduates who are not authorized to work in the United States shall earn at least US$500 a month. Please note that Friends Of CNM does not sponsor work visas and/or provide any services related to work authorization and/or relocation. Moreover, the earned amounts vary significantly since they depend on many other factors such as your motivation, learning capacity, and, simply, luck as well. At the end of the day, it is possible not to earn anything at all. You shall be given a better estimate upon your graduation from Educaship Fellowship; based on our experience, this course is crucial in determining your earning capacity.
How do I get paid / or mode of payment?
Friends Of CNM tends to use Payoneer for the payments to Careerprise contractors and its employment candidates. Its employees shall be given ATM cards to withdraw their money every week. Modes of payments to Educaship partners are subject to a separate agreement.


Who is your target group?
Anyone who is (1) interested in boosting his or her earning potential, (2) available to work on his or her potential, and (3) motivated enough to succeed.
Do I need experience to join/work?
Experience may be somewhat important for Careerprise contractors and Educaship partners, but no experience is needed for employment candidates or employees.
What are the qualifications for joining?
No qualifications are need in order to become a WorldOpp candidate.
What do I need to start?
Any computing device such as a smartphone or laptop, Internet access, and time.
How do I start?
Soon, you shall be able to get enrolled into EmployableU Concepts while clicking here. You are welcome to reach out to Gary Ihar if you want to be a Careerprise contractor to develop Careerprise services for now.


What kinds of work do you offer?
We offer three kinds of work involvement:
  1. Careerprise contractor. You are welcome to review our Careerprise bizopps and suggest what part of WorldOpp Project you can accomplish.
  2. Educaship partner. You are welcome to suggest ideas to team up with Friends Of CNM in order to offer new services or other market exchangeables to CNM patrons.
  3. Careerprise Employment. You are welcome to become an Educaship fellow. Upon your graduation from Educaship Fellowship, you will start working as a business analyst, account manager, partner liaison, systems engineer, solution architect, information architect, product designer, product owner, content manager, UX designer, usability analyst, graphic designer, procurement manager, contracts administrator, business buyer, project manager, team lead, Scrum Master, configuration manager, DevOps engineer, business administrator, or operations manager. Equally importantly, you shall be supported both financially and methodologically if you decide to start your own business.
What time is the training and work?
You can always set up your own schedule.
How long is the training?
It depends on many factors. If you ask about a university degree, that formal training lasts for more than 4 years. Usually, 6 weeks are enough in order to start working. 9 months should be enough in order to get a full-time job.
What is Careerprise?
There are two ways to explore every term related to Friends Of CNM and their services. First of all, you are welcome to explore this very CNM Wiki, let say, while typing any term into the search box located in the upper right corner of this very page and clicking "Enter" or similar buttons ("Return" on Macs, "Go" on some mobile devices, etc.). Secondly, everyone is welcome to take a brief course called EmployableU Concepts.

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