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WorldOpp Orientation (being stylized, alternatively known as worldopp orientation; hereinafter, the Orientation) is the learning session that has been created to introduce its participants to the Career Network Ministry (CNM), CNMCyber Team, EmployableU Concepts, and the opportunities available for those who graduate from the Orientation. The Orientation consists of four lessons, each of which is made of two to four lectios. At CNMCyber, a lectio is a lesson part.

The official version of the Session is published on CNM Cert; however, the Orientation or, at least, its beginning, shall be also available at CNM Page when that content management system is available. The Orientation materials are also published on CNM Tube, CNM Wiki, and various channels for marketing and convenience purposes.

The Session is the first stage of the WorldOpp Pipeline.



No predecessor session exists. NetAnyones are welcome to start here.


The Orientation
# Lessons Lectios
1 Welcome Session Essentials Welcome to CNMCyber, For Whom Cyber Exists, What the Session Is, Tips for Course Takers, The Session at Cyber
2 CNMCT Essentials What the Team Is, What Tech Board Is, What the Office Is, What the Taskforce Is
3 CNM Essentials What CNM Is, What CNM Services Are, What CNM Resources Are
4 Beyond the Session What the Concepts Is, CNMCyber Events, Options for the Graduates
5 Introduction to CNMCyber CNMCyber Essentials, WorldOpp Essentials, Cyber Security Essentials


No successor session is available in this Orientation, but the Orientation graduates are welcome to enroll in EmployableU Concepts to become KSA Certified Digital Operators. If so, the successor session is Introduction to Employment.

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