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The Career Network Ministry (also known by its acronym CNM; hereinafter, CNM) is the outreach team of McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia, which goal is to provide caring support to individuals during career transitions. Main events occur onsite on Tuesday nights. As of October of 2019, its meetup group had 9,500+ members.



CNM's goal is to provide caring support to individuals during career transitions. CNM would like you to discover your God-given gifts and find a career that is right for you. They desire to encourage, equip and empower you to become all that God wants you to be.


CNM provides:
  • Ministry and support to anyone in a work life transition;
  • Consultation and training for skill development, job search development to include resume development, job search techniques, networking and interviewing techniques;
  • Career assessment, including consultation on discovering your spiritual gifts, talents, interests, experiences, and potential career options;
  • In summary, assistance to support its patrons in finding their jobs.
CNM also offers moral and prayer support in a safe environment, encourage the exchange of information and ideas and the sharing of resources.


The best known video presentation of CNM is published on

Support and extension

Main wikipage: Friends Of CNM

Friends Of CNM is a group that:

  • Supports CNM, while developing and maintaining its information technology generally and its website at particularly;
  • Enhances CNM's services, while offering ones especially CNMCyber that go beyond regular CNM stewardship.

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