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WorldOpp incubator (hereinafter, the Incubator) is (a) a virtual and/or physical environment for the care, protection, and growth of those WorldOpp candidates who would like to become Educaship fellows, and (b) a joint venture of the Friends Of CNM and CNMCyber Team, in which the Friends provides CNMCyber Coordinators of the Team with a limited number of WorldOpp stipends.

The Candidates

Target audiences

No particular audience is identified -- everyone who is interested in participating is welcome.


The Incubator consists of from one to seven paid Learners. Some number of unpaid Learners may also join the Incubator when it has at least eight Learners:
Position Quantity Qualification Practical activity
Fellow Candidate 4 Graduates from CNMCyber Bootcamps Development of the CNM Wiki content related to the curricula.
Lead Candidate 2 Only WorldOpp Fellow Candidates can be promoted to this level when there are at least three of them Editing of the CNM Wiki content related to the curricula.
Executive Candidate 1 Only WorldOpp Lead Candidates can be promoted to this level when there are at least three of them. Managing the Incubator.
Candidate‑in‑waiting At the discretion of the WorldOpp Executive Candidate when all of the vacancies listed above have been filled in.


Any Learner is supposed to learn using the various educational methods.

Conceptual instruction

Conceptual instruction Lecturing Lectures and stories for WorldOpp Orientation, EmployableU Concepts, CNMCyber Bootcamps, and Educaship Fellowship shall be developed during WorldOpp Project
Self-education The Learners are welcome to explore the related concepts on their own using any data sources available to them.

Practical instruction

Practical instruction Hands-on training If the Incubator has a Lead Candidate or Executive Candidate, he or she shall be able to provide the Learners with practical instruction.
Formative assessment
Exploratory research Not withholding possible directions from an Lead Candidate or Executive Candidate, the learning outlines can also serve as passive directions.

Cognitive research

Cognitive research Project‑based learning Although each particular Learner shall be the main driving force behind cognitive research and/or experiential learning, a Lead Candidate or Executive Candidate, if hired, shall be able to initiate some Projects and other cognitive research and/or experiential learning opportunities.
Exploratory research
Discussion Not withholding the Learner's and/or Lead Candidate's or Executive Candidate's endeavors, CNMC Event Administrator shall be able to support the initiatives.


Since project-based learning is a substantial part of Education generally and Cognitive research particularly, the Learner shall work on several projects while being in the Incubator.

Non-profit projects

The Learners casually start working on non-profit projects in order to get professional experience. The outcomes of those projects shall be available for the general public at no cost. Those projects may include, but not limited to development of CNM Wiki, videos for any free courses that the Community offers, and/or other free services such as WorldOpp Fellowship.
One role, CNM Event Organizer, is defined in advance; every Learner is supposed to host at least one CNMCyber event a week. The other roles primarily lay within certain Areas of activities, but are contingent on the state of WorldOpp Project.
The Learners cannot receive salaries while working on non-profit projects, but are eligible for WorldOpp stipends, WorldOpp internships, and/or WorldOpp reimbursements.

For-profit projects

For-profit projects are preferred designations for the Learners when they obtain needed qualifications. In order to be for-profit, any project shall have one or more outside customers.
The Learner shall be paid for his or her work on for-profit projects contingent to customers' payments. For instance, if the Learner organizes a paid webinar, which:
  1. Has received 7 payments $10 each;
  2. Was promoted through the CNMCyber Meetup group; and
  3. Has no other expenses,
this Leaner will get $63 (7 * $10 * 90%) in addition to his or her WorldOpp stipend and WorldOpp internship. charges about 10% for payments and meetup group organizer's costs.

Areas of activities

Areas of the activities in which the Learners are supposed to be engaged can be tracked at the Careerprise bizopp wikipage. They may include, but not limited to, the following.

Event organizing

Events to be organized may include, but not limited to, Careerprise conference for potential and actual vendors, CNMCyber roundtable to discuss challenges and brainstorm ideas, and CNMCyber standup for current WorldOpp Fellow Staff members and/or the other Learners. Roles of the Learners can range from an CNM Event Organizer up to an apprentice to CNMC Event Administrator. Those Learners who organize events may serve as product owners for Opplet and/or

Marketing outreach

The Community is going to reach out to a wide range of potential customers through various marketing channels that may include, but not limited to:
As of August of 2018, the only marketable products are (a) a series of Careerprise conferences and the Incubator itself. However, new products will be added as the Incubator grows. Roles of the Learners can range up to an apprentice to CNMC Outreach Administrator. Those Learners who practice marketing outreach may serve as product owners for Educaship WordPress and/or CNM Page.

Learning development

The Community finances development of several learning opportunities. The development may include, but not limited to, those:
  • Wikipages that are related to the learning. Eventually, no red link shall appear at any wikipage that belongs to the Category: Lecture notes at this CNM Wiki;
  • Video- and audio-recordings that are related to the learning and possibly posted at YouTube;
  • Quizzes and other assessment products created at CNM Cert.
The future conceptual instruction shall include, but not limited to, EmployableU Concepts and Educaship Fellowship. The future practical instruction shall include, but not limited to, CNMCyber Bootcamps. Roles of the Learners can range up to an apprentice to CNMC Resource Administrator. Those Learners who develop learning processes may serve as product owners for Educaship Moodle and/or CNM Cert.

Business building

All of the Community's initiatives are startup endeavors. These initiatives include, but not limited to, the Community itself, the Incubator, as well as all of the available and potential positions such as WorldOpp Fellow Candidate, WorldOpp Lead Candidate, WorldOpp Executive Candidate, CNMC Event Administrator, CNMC Outreach Administrator, etc. Roles of the Learners can range up to an apprentice to CNMC DevOps Administrator. Those Learners who build business may serve as product owners for Educaship GitLab and/or Fixett.

Software designing

The Community finances development of informational technology that would support the Community's efforts. This technology is jointly called Opplet and particularly includes Educaship MediaWiki that supports CNM Wiki, Educaship Moodle that supports CNM Cert, etc. A separate group that consists of professionals develops the actual technology, and there is no more need in coding or integrating, but development of requirements of what needs to be coded and integrated has always been a challenge since the start of the WorldOpp Project. Those wikipages that are related to Opplet in general shall be the key results of these development projects. Roles of the Learners can range from a WorldOpp Fellow Candidate to an Educaship fellow. Those Learners who design software may serve as product owners for CNM Farms.

Concept management

The Community finances development of its knowledge bases, most importantly, this CNM Wiki. This knowledge base shall provide the customers of the Community, the Community itself, and its associates with all knowledge that is needed in order to learn and collaborate. Page categories are just few examples of the pieces that CNM Wiki currently lacks. Roles of the Learners can range up to an apprentice to CNMC Knowledge Administrator. Those Learners who manage concepts may serve as product owners for Educaship MediaWiki and/or CNM Wiki.

Executive administration

The Community may finance any project, even if it cannot be included in Event organizing, Marketing outreach, Learning development, Organizational building, Software designing, and Concept management, as long as this project can advance the Community and its impact. Particularly, these projects may include re-defining of the Areas of activities. Roles of the Learners can range up to an apprentice to CNMC Executive Administrator.


Stipends and internships

WorldOpp stipends and WorldOpp internships are available for the Learners. The monthly budget for the Incubator varies from $0 to $540:
Number of positions Four-week amount Title Level's totals
4 $60 Candidate $240
2 $90 Lead Candidate $180
1 $120 Executive Candidate $120
7 Monthly total for the Incubator: $540
The monetary amount for a specific position is subject for applicable laws. The amount is defined once in 4 weeks based on the previous period's performance. For paid Learners, the weekly pay of a WorldOpp stipend and WorldOpp internship cannot be less than $15 and more than $30.


The Learners shall receive salaries for their work contingent to clients' payments. Practically, this means that if one or more third-party clients pay for results of particular work of the Learner, he or she shall get a significant portion of that payment as described at For-profit projects.


For participants of the WorldOpp Fellowship programme, the Community may reimburse all or some portion of their Internet costs as WorldOpp reimbursements.

2019 Incubator presentation

The video of the presentation is published on video (3:04). Here is its full text.

WorldOpp incubator. An environment for the care, protection, and growth of those WorldOpp candidates who would like to become Educaship fellows.


Welcome to What Incubator Is. In this brief presentation, we are going to take a WorldOpp incubator and the roles of WorldOpp candidates there. Let's get moving.

What the incubator is

We start by taking a look at the picture of the WorldOpp incubator. On the left it`s aspirants, someone who is on the job market or considered to be on the job market aspired by this program want eventually to be a part of this. On the right, those are fellows, employees. They are only working, either for Friends of CNM or Friends of CNM Partners. They are on the way to their careers, they have already started them. There should be something in between, some bridge. So WorldOpp Incubator is supposed to play the role of this bridge.

Incubator's positions

WorldOpp Candidates are supposed to be there. They are not working yet, they are not earning money in exchange for their work but in incubator people can be paid a stipend which can allow them to work and support themselves, make some living. At least like pay some expenses. There is no any restrictions how to use this stipend but the amount of the stipend depends on the level, Fellow candidate is like the lowest amount, Lead Candidate is like double from Fellow, an Executive is double from Lead or four time more than a Fellow Candidate. Candidates can go through Fellow, to Lead and Executive. What candidates technically do, let’s get back to CNM Digital, if you can recall wiki and fixett are both development hubs, but the difference is fixett is more internal like a private development hub and wiki is open to the public. Usually we offer those WorldOpp candidates who are in incubator work on not for profit projects on the wiki, start developing on the wiki and those who succeed on the wiki they are moved to employees and they start working on fixett. So this is the general idea of incubator.


This concludes the What Incubator Is presentation. We have taken a look at a WorldOpp incubator and defined roles of WorldOpp Fellow, Lead and Executive Candidates. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to Careerprise BizOpps.

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