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Fixett is the private development hub that supports both WorldOpp Fellow Staff and Careerprise contractors and hosted by Opplet.


The hub includes the four following systems:

  1. Project management system;
  2. Document collaboration system;
  3. Web-based software repository for single files and software development projects; and
  4. Version control system.



Main wikipage: Educaship GitLab
The Hub utilizes Educaship GitLab for its operations.

DNS records

Record Hostname Value TTL (seconds)
A directs to 3600
CNAME * is an alias of 43200
CNAME is an alias of 43200
NS directs to 1800
NS directs to 1800
NS directs to 1800

Fixett as a product


Fixett -- AI-powered solutions to your career challenges

Brand potentials

The brand name "Fixett" could be used in various ways for a career service provider or a technology company, depending on the specific focus and offerings of the business. Here are some potential uses:

1. **Career Services Platform**: "Fixett" could be a platform that offers career guidance, resume building services, interview preparation, job search assistance, and professional development resources.

2. **Job Matching Service**: It could be a technology-driven platform that matches job seekers with suitable employment opportunities based on their skills, experience, and preferences.

3. **Skill Enhancement Tools**: "Fixett" might offer technology-based tools and resources for individuals to enhance their skills and qualifications, such as online courses, tutorials, and certification programs.

4. **Professional Networking Platform**: It could provide a platform for professionals to connect, network, and collaborate on projects, sharing insights and experiences within their respective fields.

5. **Career Coaching and Mentorship**: "Fixett" could offer personalized career coaching and mentorship services, leveraging technology to provide virtual sessions, resources, and support to clients.

6. **Resume and Profile Optimization**: It might offer services to help individuals optimize their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and online professional presence to increase their visibility to potential employers.

7. **AI-driven Career Advice**: Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, "Fixett" could provide personalized career advice, recommendations, and insights tailored to each user's unique career goals and aspirations.

8. **Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Solutions**: For technology companies, "Fixett" could provide recruitment and talent acquisition solutions, utilizing technology to streamline the hiring process, assess candidates, and identify top talent efficiently.

Overall, the brand name "Fixett" could be associated with solutions aimed at fixing or improving various aspects of individuals' careers, whether through technology-driven career services, professional development tools, or talent acquisition solutions.


Certainly! Here are some potential offerings for an "AI-driven Career Advice" service under the brand name "Fixett":

1. **Personalized Career Assessments**: Utilizing AI algorithms, Fixett could offer personalized career assessments to help individuals identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and career preferences. These assessments could analyze factors such as skills, personality traits, work values, and career goals to provide tailored recommendations.

2. **Resume and LinkedIn Profile Analysis**: Fixett's AI system could analyze resumes and LinkedIn profiles to provide feedback and suggestions for optimization. It could identify areas for improvement, such as keywords, formatting, and content, to enhance visibility to potential employers and increase chances of landing interviews.

3. **Job Matching and Recommendation Engine**: Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Fixett could match individuals with suitable job opportunities based on their skills, experience, qualifications, and preferences. The AI-driven recommendation engine could continually learn from user interactions and feedback to improve the accuracy of job matches over time.

4. **Skills Gap Analysis and Training Recommendations**: Fixett's AI platform could assess individuals' skill sets and identify any gaps between their current abilities and desired career paths. Based on this analysis, it could recommend relevant training courses, certifications, or learning resources to help bridge these gaps and advance their careers.

5. **Interview Preparation Assistance**: Fixett could provide AI-driven interview preparation assistance, offering simulated mock interviews tailored to specific industries, job roles, and companies. The system could provide feedback on responses, body language, and overall performance, helping individuals gain confidence and improve their interview skills.

6. **Career Path Exploration and Guidance**: Fixett's AI could offer personalized career path exploration and guidance, analyzing trends in the job market, industry developments, and individual career trajectories. It could provide insights into potential career paths, advancement opportunities, and necessary steps to achieve professional goals.

7. **Continuous Learning and Development Recommendations**: Based on individuals' career aspirations and goals, Fixett could recommend ongoing learning and development opportunities to stay relevant in their fields. This could include suggestions for online courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, and networking events.

8. **Salary Insights and Negotiation Support**: Fixett's AI system could provide insights into salary trends, compensation benchmarks, and negotiation strategies based on factors such as location, experience, industry, and job role. It could offer personalized advice and tips to help individuals negotiate better compensation packages.

Overall, an "AI-driven Career Advice" service under the Fixett brand could offer a comprehensive suite of offerings aimed at empowering individuals to make informed career decisions, navigate job transitions, and achieve their professional aspirations with the assistance of advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

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