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Opplet.net (hereinafter, the Site) is a user interface (UI) of Opplet. The Site shall be mobile-first; the other requirements are needed to be clarified. The Site is a part of Opplet.

The Software runs on CNM Farms and particularly includes user management software and event management software, which are integrated through API with authorization and authentication systems.

Landing page

Landing page is the webpage that shall be located at https://opplet.net/; currently, it can be found at https://opplet.net/user/login/

User stories for landing

Whomever the user is, he or she should feel that they are interacting with the most advanced technology platform that may possibly exist on this planet.
  1. As someone who is interested in the Friends Of CNM's and/or CNMCyber Team's initiatives, such as my employment and/or training there, I shall be able to get to the Site and get started or continued.
  2. As a new user, I shall be able to:
    • Enter my promising username and password, or obtain my username and/or password generated by the Site;
    • If I want to stay in touch and, particularly, be able to restore my credentials (username and/or password), then, enter my email address, and receive a welcome email sent to my mail box;
    • After clicking on the Submit button, automatically get my system-user role upgraded from NetAnyone to NetConsumer and get enrolled into WorldOpp Orientation.
  3. As a returning user, I shall be able to enter my username and password, or restore those using my email address, and get enrolled in WorldOpp Orientation or continue my work and/or learning at the Site.

Architecture (draft) for landing

The desktop version of the Landing page can have the following blocks:
Opplet.net Login or Signup
Home / Login or Signup
Please fill in:
  Login or Signup
If you have an account, you will be logged in. If you haven't had an account yet, this action would create it. If you forgot anything, you will be prompted to restore.
© Opplet 2015-2021 Powered by Yii Framework

Dashboard (draft)

Dashboard is the webpage located at https://opplet.net/dashboard/ and available for authenticated users only; its title is Opplet Dashboard. Its desktop version can have the following blocks:
Opplet.net Hello, (Username) | My Profile | Change Password | Logout
Home / Dashboard
Welcome Session
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© Opplet 2015-2020 Powered by Yii Framework

WorldOpp Orientation is posted at https://cert.friendsofcnm.org/course/view.php?id=12 All the items on both requirements are tentative.

User profile

Required fields

  • Systems-alias (login name; non-changeable)
  • Password (can be edited)

Generated fields

  • Campus-alias
  • Languages
  • Data-entry dates

Optional fields

  • Country: USA, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

CNM-specific fields

  • First-name
  • Family-name
  • Email (personal)
  • Postal code:
  • Cell-phone number
  • Non-text-phone number
  • MBC attendee (list: yes, no, n/a)
  • Target occupation (based on the occupation list): assistant, clerk, consultant, laborer, manager, operator, new concept artisan, service worker, specialist, technician, trades worker, Help me
  • Target specialty: arts, finance, health, human development, information, law, marketplace, media, project, property administration, research, Help me
  • Career level: vocation discovery, student, entry-level, specialist, subject matter expert, transitioning, Help me
  • Target industries (based on the CNM industry classification): raw materials, infrastructure, manufacturing, transportation, digital, market exchange, enterprise support, public service, healthcare, human development, living-sustaining, Help me
  • Work authorization: no work authorization, some work authorization, citizenship, veteran status, some clearance, top secret, Help me
  • Target employer type: startup, for-profit, non-profit organization, federal government, local government, Help me
  • Target employer size: minimal, small, medium, large, extra large, Help me
  • CNM agreement (list: yes, no, n/a)
  • LinkedIn profile:
  • Meetup profile:

DNS records

Record Hostname Value TTL (seconds)
A opplet.net directs to 1800
A admin.opplet.net directs to 1800
CNAME *.opplet.net is an alias of opplet.net. 1800
CNAME www.opplet.net is an alias of opplet.net. 1800
TXT default._domainkey.opplet.net returns v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDBEM7ocbGr0lB0qe8l6HW4MaAIOprC/csPi1rjv9k+m8IxBfG9DJTeGyYGAPwm11ZcmEzlYx4FEeCACOy6KL2xes0I/R+Au2YNiHdK/fT3GWo2tZ+T0o6PQQfcuwlCD8OXkhrgsPQLilt1Ja9WaOJq/zfhd1nJYGubeqTaPzl8twIDAQAB 1800
TXT opplet.net returns v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all 1800
MX opplet.net mail handled by opplet.net. (Priority:10) 1800
NS opplet.net directs to ns1.digitalocean.com. 1800
NS opplet.net directs to ns2.digitalocean.com. 1800
NS opplet.net directs to ns3.digitalocean.com. 1800


Initial code was written in plain HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP by Gary Ihar and Sergey Zlomovsky. Later, the code was significantly upgraded by romanof. Particularly, the code was moved to the Yii framework.