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Website Developer Bootcamp is the second quarter of CNMCyber Bootcamps that is designed to prepare CNM Website Developers.


We at CNMCyber need a few websites starting with That is why we are looking for website developers. Devs will work on content,information architectures, SEO, software, and WWW settings. They should also be able to work with CNM Agile, CNM Wiki and COTS as these are tools that will help in building a website. Furthermore , learners who go through the boot camp are supposed to come out when they have learnt how to make a website and its components , at least. It is important to keep in mind that the courses are for pre-entry jobs, meaning that we might not dive deep in some units. However you can explore further on your own terms.

So, what do you feel like you need to know in order to develop our websites?


hello, i think the first think is to know what a website is and what skills are needed to create one.
A website is a collection of webpages. About the skills, Gary asked first. As of early May, we haven't identified the needed skills yet, so the scope of the training is unknown.
Having a comprehensive job description for the website developer position is a good first step in my opinion.
Gary created the CNM Website Developer wikipage for that purpose.
For me it's how to create the web pages
Gary can create a webpage in any plain-text editor. Can Gary be considered as a website developer?
I think we should have some lections, some theory about each deliverable, I mean, how to create (a) Public contents, (b) what is SEO and how to work with it; how to create: (c) Website designs, (d) WWW records and (e) System-based websites.
Gary created the website project wikipage for that purpose. Is that enough?
CNM Website Developer will work with Wordpress?
Yes, and not only. Gary is considering a couple of other COTS packages to utilize.
What other programs/applications should a developer be able to work with? If one developer has to work on different projects, I ask about all projects.
If the question is about:
  • CMSes other than WordPress, Gary would take a look at Ghost, which is written with NodeJS, and, possibly, Grav, which is really lightweight. Our production instance of WordPress would be CNM Page, but we need to use something simpler for the landing at Historically, we used Drupal, but it doesn't look like the best for landing since it is more like WordPress than a lightweight system.
  • Website builders, the team will surely use something for WordPress. Historically, we used Elementor; however, we can explore WordPress Gutenberg since it has grown significantly in recent years.
  • Tools to develop videos, images, anything else -- Gary is open to your ideas.
You are also welcome to review the "Tools" section on CNM Website Developer. Gary doesn't have strong opinions about anything else.
Who is a Website Developer?
Gary would define a "website developer" as anyone who develops websites. However, Gary has never heard about anyone who would hold such a position in the real workplace. I don't feel like this occupation is real. Gary's goal is to give some development experience to our learners. If you remember, Kevin, we initially wanted to hire training developers. A website developer sounds cooler to Gary!
Who is a CNM Website Developer? What roles does a CNM Website Developer play in CNM Website Development?
Have you found the CNM Website Developer wikipage? That page represents Gary's vision for that role. You, Kevin, checked it and said that the description is okay. Now, Gary wonders whether anyone can play that role at the moment and, if not, how Gary can be helpful.
What are the competencies a CNM Website Developer required to have?
The team needs a website at at least in order to boost its recruitment. Gary's ideas about competencies might be wrong.
For how long do we have to undergo training for us to actually work on website developing
Are you ready to start now? Gary has only one plan for now -- continue until the first person will be able to work.
I am ready, but just need a practical example.
So, you are not really ready :). With regards to the "What Devs do" section, what step are you at? I mean the "Discovering the problems" sub-section, right?
Can we do an example of a description for that Dev's are expected to produce?
You are welcome to take a look at the wikipage and a WordPress/Elementor prototype at -- that was the most developed website-core project for Bskol, a similar endeavor in Ukraine.
When we are making the website , is there a prototype that we are practicing on?
In the CNMCyber name, what does CNM stand for?
CNM stands for Career Network Mandate.
What is the main result you want to get out of these meetings? A finished website or at least one person who is ready to work? If the main goal is to train us to be developers, I suggest making a plan of topics for each meeting, and you will tell us about them, for example, the first topic is "what are DNS records", the second - "how to work with Wordpress" and so on. If the main goal is to make a website, we can start with the page and try to fill it out in our meetings.
Your suggestions are excellent. Are you ready to create the list of topics? Or you want me to start with DNS records or WordPress? There are many resources available on the WWW. I really don't know the scope yet. Back to your initial question, I pursue several objectives. First of all, we look for website developers. And, therefore, we need to develop some training for them. But the scope of this training hasn't been defined yet. So, for now, I am showing you the job description and asking what is missing. My idea is to grow this description to the level when it can be used as training content. Is anyone want to lead this training development project? I will get to the initial question again. Yes, we need, and not only. But we love to have our learners to develop it, so we need website developers more than websites 😃From those who are interested in acting as our website developers, how far do you feel you are? When do you feel like you can start? And the question how may I help you stays as well 😃
What exactly do you mean, when i can start developing a website, or if am ready to learn how to work on one?
You have a job description, right? You are welcome to start now. If you cannot start, how far are you from starting? "Start" means start working.
Ready to become website developers but stuck after understanding the description, how to practically start on the work.
So, our objective for now is to make the description understandable. I need your help. What parts or words or ideas are not clear?
Is this an ongoing course
This is not a classic course of training. We are looking for our website developers, created the description, and trying to understand what that description lacks. As soon as someone starts to work, we would consider formalizing that training.
Where can i get this training
The job description is currently published at wiki dot cnmcyber dot com slash en slash CNM underscore Website underscore Developer
I think I worked as a website developer on the iDosvid project, so, I worked with Elementor, I wrote public content, but my knowledge of SEO and WWW setup is poor.
So, what do you propose then?
I can't imagine how to do design because that's exactly my weakness. So I can't imagine one person being able to do all the expected deliverables or can one developer only be responsible for one result?
Please consult the "What Devs produce" section of the job description.
I think what's missing from this page is a "How to Make a Website" SOP, which will describe in some detail the steps of how to get started, but not how to start being a developer, but how to start developing.
I welcome any experiments. The job description is missing many parts, but my ability to develop all of them is highly limited. How do you feel like we can fill in the gaps?
All of these steps can be done by more than one developer, but when these steps are there, it's easier to see who can do what. I don't know exactly what should be in these instructions.
It looks like a part of the job description. Why wouldn't you try to work on the CNM Website Developer wikipage?