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CNM Cloud Project (hereinafter, the Project) is the endeavor undertaken to create Opplet. Educaship fellows are responsible and members of CNMCyber Workforce (hereinafter, the Team) shall be accountable for this Project.

Project-wide requirements

Business requirements

Main wikipage: CNMCyber requirements

Solution requirements

Main wikipage: CNM Cloud requirements
CNM Cloud requirements is the best wikipage to overview general solution requirements; however, different parts of the Cloud have their specific requirements that are or shall be published on their wikipages. A big portion of solution requirements is also published in Russian --Брацко_Облако


Five phases are identified as of December of 2018. The first two phases have been accomplished and the third is the current one.

Beginnings -- first (completed) phase

Main wikipage: CNM Cloud Beginnings
CNM Cloud Beginnings is the first phase of the Project. It was accomplished by the beginning of 2018. The beginnings could be characterized by three factors:
  1. Many experiments including software ventures and examinations of both technology and various organizational structures designed to support that technology;
  2. Unbalanced and often disruptive availability of resources. Although the Team enjoyed assistance of a number of volunteers, donor's money, software subscriptions, and venues, the Team's inability to pay for technology sustainability ultimately led to several adverse events including the major technology crash in 2017 and further necessity to destroy the first cloud.
  3. Poor recording, documenting, and storage facilities. For instance, just few training materials were saved and just a couple of videos were taken at hundreds of training sessions. As a result, volunteer time could be utilized way more efficiently.
Nonetheless, a few significant concepts, lessons learned, lines of code, and the CNMCyber by Loredana C requirements were developed during this initiating phase of the Project.

Embryo -- second (completed) phase

Main wikipage: CNM Cloud Embryo
CNM Cloud Embryo is the second phase of the Project. Several concepts, lessons learned, and pieces of software that was developed in the CNM Cloud Beginnings have been utilized in the successor phase. The Team calls the new phase Embryo because the embryo of the new cloud is going to be developed during this phase. The key developments could be summarized as follows. The Team:
  1. Identified:
    • Business needs. These needs are expressed in User stories for the embryo;
    • System architecture including the core package of technology that would support User stories for the embryo;
  2. Designed and is implementing a new recruitment process based on the core package of developed technology;
  3. Dramatically increased funding for both technology development and recruitment.

Minimal -- third (completed) phase

Main wikipage: CNM Cloud Minimal
Educaship Odoo based on an Odoo instance shall be the primary deliverable of the third phase. Other deliverables may include CNM Calendar, CNM Tubeware, CNM Mailware, Educaship Jitsi. New sprints of are also expected.

Usable -- fourth (current) phase

Main wikipage: CNMCyber Usable
Private clouds such as Dev Cloud, Production Cloud, and Control Cloud shall be primary deliverables of the fourth phase of the Project.

Marketable -- fifth (future) phase

At the fifth phase of the Project, the initial requirements, CNMCyber by Loredana C, shall be revised and tested on the completion. This phase is also reserved for any developments, especially federations, that haven't been accomplished in the previous phases.

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