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The CNM Cloud Essentials (hereinafter, the Lesson) is the primary learning activity of CNMCyber that introduces its participants to Opplet. The Lesson belongs to the Introduction to CNM Cloud session of Cloud Operator Bootcamp.

The Lesson is made up of four lectios. At CNMCyber, the word, lectio, is used for a lesson part.



The predecessor lesson is Cyber Security Essentials.


CNM Cloud Essentials
Lectios # Referred topics
What CNM Cloud Is 1 Opplet, end-user application
CNM Cloud Deployment 2 Cloud, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud
Structure of CNM Cloud 3 Service-oriented architecture (SOA)


The successor lesson is Soft behind CNM Cloud.

2019 Cloud presentation

Opplet. The information technology that supports CNMCyber.
Opplet role. Any system-user role within Opplet.
CNM app. Any end-user application of the Opplet.


Welcome to CNM Cloud presentation. Here, we are going to take a look at the WorldOpp Project, which is an endeavor undertaken in order to create WorldOpp. Separate stops will be made at those events that are both related to that project and open to the general public. Let's shake it up.

What CNM Cloud is

Opplet is the information technology that supports CNMCyber. CNMCyber is online services that Friend of CNM delivers to patrons of the Career Network Ministry.


There are five primary services. First, the Websites, it’s a website available on the internet which serve the purpose to attract new and potential patrons. Second, CNM Wiki, we are using this wiki for the presentation. If you look at the screen you will see the word WIKI shows to the users of the internet. Third, CNM Campus, its learning management system where the courses including EmployableU Concepts, where people can take exams or get certified and, fourth, Fixett is the system or developer hub, its actually not a system, its serving systems which serve developers. Why? it is kind of related to money, it is because this is where CNM vendors submit their works and get paid. All of those systems are stored on the opplet.
Opplet is the middle wear or a system which manages user rights and permissions. Users can assess Opplet through a dashboard which is called
If you want to restore your password in any of those systems, you are actually will be communicating to the opplet not to the system directly. Regardless of the fact that you can feel that you are on the system, the system, grants different roles, different permissions and an opplet role is any system user role within Opplet.


There are several roles, one is NetAnyone, any user of the world wide web, net consumer is any user of world wide web who has expressed his/her interest in careerprice services but hasn`t made any purchase yet. CertCustomer is any user of the World Wide Web, who has made at least one transaction such as payment, donation, or volunteer hour to Friends Of CNM. Cert associate is a graduate from EmployableU Concepts who may or may not be a career price partner, a Cert Developer is a graduate from WorldOpp Developer seminar who may or may not be a careerprice vendor. The vendors get user rights at fixett.
A cert fellow is a graduate from CNMCyber Bootcamps who may or may not be a WorldOpp Fellow, the Fellows get user rights at Fixett and admin rights at CNM Wiki. The structure of CNMCyber is very similar to the structure of Opplet basically it repeats. CNM Wiki are powered by CNM Wiki ware, CNM Campus is powered by CNM courseware, Fixett is powered by CNM product ware and CNM websites are powered by CNM site ware. All these four are called CNM apps or applications and CNM app is any user and user application of Opplet.


Now, development of Opplet occurs under CNM Cloud project which is the endeavor undertaken to provide your career network ministry with Opplet in order to deliver CNMCyber services. The project has several stages, currently has of January 2019 we are building so called umbrella which will give sites, campus, wiki, fixett and so on.
If you want to take a look at what are supposed to be developed further, in the third stage we plan to add even management system, something to share videos, emails and talk ware which is meant for video conferencing software.
In the fourth face, we most likely move to the cloud itself. The fifth stage will be federation and polishing everything, cleaning everything and making those sub-projects which were delayed and make them happen.
For now, in the development, we are looking for developers. Most importantly right now we need to develop CNM Cloud requirements which are requirements both business and solution ones that are valid for any part of Opplet and example of those requirements you can possibly find on CNM Wiki page which is any page of CNM Wiki but if you click there you can find requirements for wiki page so you can have a better feeling what we are looking for.


This concludes the CNM Cloud presentation. We have defined WorldOpp Project and taken a look at the CNMCyber events associated with that including CNMCyber roundtable, CNMCyber standup, and CNMCyber seminars. If you haven't done yet so, you are now welcome to move to WorldOpp Team Essentials.