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CNM Wiki (previously known as CNM Wikis; hereinafter, the Wiki) is:

  1. the CNM named app that allows for public collaboration on creation, editing, and publication of textual documents, as well as embedding of audiovisual and graphic contents,
  2. the instance of Educaship MediaWiki that is installed on CNM Campus Farm of Opplet, and
  3. the document collaboration system that CNMCyber Team delivers as a CNMCyber service.

The Wiki is open to the general public without authorization and, therefore, at no cost because of two reasons. First, CNMCyber volunteers of CNMCyber Team donate their time. Second, the Friends Of CNM (hereinafter, the Sponsor) pays all the bills associated with the costs. That is why this Wiki, as well as the other CNMCyber services, are developed, the software is routinely updated, and the service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Most notably, this Wiki is instrumental for WorldOpp services and those Careerprise services that are offered at no cost to its customers.

Collection of learning materials

This Wiki is home of several learning materials, most notably, the complete set of lecture notes for courses of WorldOpp Pipeline:
  1. WorldOpp Orientation, which is the primary introduction to WorldOpp Pipeline and CNMCyber;
  2. EmployableU Concepts, which is the introduction to general employment, recruitment, career, and professional credential topics; CNMCyber issues are used as examples;
  3. CNMCyber Bootcamps, which is the bundle of four bootcamps that CNMCyber Team uses to onboard its members, as well as the Friends Of CNM uses to place aspiring WorldOpp candidates into an WorldOpp incubator. In CNMCyber, a bootcamp is defined as a short, intensive, quasi-workplace program generally aimed at CNMCyber patrons as an opportunity to start working. The four bootcamps include:
    1. Event Organizer Bootcamp to onboard CNM Event Organizers,
    2. Website Developer Bootcamp to onboard CNM Website Developers,
    3. Cloud Operator Bootcamp to onboard CNM Cloud Operators, and
    4. Cyber Coordinator Bootcamp to onboard CNMCyber Coordinators;
  4. Educaship Fellowship, which is the pre-employment training for any Educaship fellow; Septem Artes Administrativi is its curriculum; and
  5. WorldOpp Fellow Curriculum, which is formal training in accounting, entrepreneurship, information technology, project management, etc. designed to complement employment and on-the-job training of Educaship fellows.
Other materials include those for CNM PMP Bootcamp and other courses that are administered by Bracka School.

Document collaboration system

The Wiki vs CNM Lab
This Wiki serves as a document collaboration system. Using the Wiki, the Team can collaborate on any documents related to vocational training, career administration, employment search, job landing, and employment itself.
Particularly, this Wiki makes those text, audio, video, and graphic materials that are related to the Team and not confidential be publicly-accessible on a single platform. Both the Team and the Sponsor utilize CNM Lab for their private data especially related to those features that are sensitive to cyber-security threats.


This Wiki serves as workspace for Educaship fellows.

Active learning environment

This Wiki serves as the primary active learning environment for WorldOpp candidates.

Outreach resource

Finally, this Wiki serves the Friends Of CNM, possibly attracting World Wide Web visitors to become its potential customers and employees.

CNM Wiki vs Wikipedia

Although this Wiki utilizes the software initially developed for Wikipedia and, thus, looks similar, these two sources of knowledge vary significantly. The following table represent some differences.
Feature Wikipedia This Wiki
Purpose Encyclopedia; a reference source A combination of learning materials and enterprise data that is related to the Friends Of CNM and supports the learning materials.
Target audiences Everyone Everyone who is a part of or may consider being a part of the Friends Of CNM
Contributors Everyone Friends Of CNM
Content "Summaries of knowledge from either all branches or from a particular field or discipline" (source: Wikipedia) The data that is applicable to the Career Network Ministry (CNM) and the Friends Of CNM, as well as open to the public; the Friends Of CNM utilizes Fixett for its private data especially related to its cyber-security
To explore the difference further, one may compare two articles: (a) Business article at Wikipedia and (b) Business article at CNM Wiki.


Target audiences

User permissions

With regard to Opplet roles:
  • Any NetAnyone shall be able to view and search for wikipages;
  • Any CertAssociate shall be able to upload SVG files and edit wikipages.
  • Any CertFellow shall be able to administer the Wiki.



Main wikipage: Educaship MediaWiki
This Wiki is empowered by the Educaship MediaWiki, which is the CNM app that powers three MediaWiki instances installed on the CNM Farms. Consult the User's Guide for information on using MediaWiki.
CNMCyber Team considers switching from MediaWiki to another software. Currently, four new instances are installed at CNM Lab Farm.


Main wikipage: CNM Wiki Policy



Main wikipage: CNM Cloud Project
As any of CNM apps, the Wiki is a part of Opplet. CNM Cloud Project is the endeavor to further develop this group's technology.


Main wikipage: Friends Of CNM
Friends Of CNM's trade mark
The Friends Of CNM is a group of individuals and organizations that support, enhance, and further develop CNM's services. Consult the Friends of CNM wikipage for information on that group.

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